Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Make a New Email Shortcut

Email seems to be one of those things that modern offices generate a lot of. Thus when I found an article on how to make a shortcut for new email I figured I’d share.

The first step is to right click on the desktop highlight New and select Shortcut.

The second step is entering mailto: into the shortcut wizard. (And Clicking Next)

Then Name your shortcut. As you can see with a nearly uncontrolled burst of creativity I called mine “New Email”. That’s it: click Finish and you’ll have a new shortcut.

Here are the results from my shortcut:

If you’d like to further customize your shortcut has a great tutorial here

In it they explain how make your shortcut include: To, Subject, CC, BCC, and even a preset message.

The idea I really liked from the tutorial:
How to create a toolbar with frequently
used Contacts.

If you think it’ll help take a look here.

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