Monday, June 1, 2009

Scribus: Free Desktop Publishing Program

Awhile back I stumbled onto what I like to think of as, a reasonably easy to use, free layout editor: Scribus. If you need to make fliers, posters, advertisements, etc. Scribus might be worth a look. Here are my thoughts after using it for awhile:

Ease of Use
I found its learning curve to be similar to Microsoft Office Publisher (an average person can use it with a bit of effort)

This is tricky, I’d say somewhere between MS Office Publisher and Adobe InDesign. Several of the things I particularly like: the option to run the program from a USB key and the save as pdf feature.

More features than MS Publisher
Not impossible to learn (I’m looking at you Adobe Creative Products)
Saves PDFs

It has crashed on me once or twice
Not as powerful as Adobe InDesign
Not officially supported by ITS

Stuff I left out:
I’m really not sure how it compares to Quark as I have never used the program.

If you are interested you can download it here
Portable version here

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