Monday, August 10, 2009

Texter- Free Text Expander

So I’ve been experimenting with a program called texter. It allows me to automate typing things I frequently retype. Let me give you an example:

I type openarc and then press the Tab key Text automatically replaces openarc with:

To open an outlook archive file:

1) Open Outlook

2) Select the File Menu

3) Click on Open

4) Outlook Data File…

5) Browse to Find the Archive (we recommend people save them in their U:\)

6) Select the Archive and press OK

The Archive now appears in the Bar at the left of Outlook

I have whole emails saved this way. Instead of typing out the instructions to access Jefferson each time someone asks for it I simply type jeff and texter writes the email for me.

It can save tons of time and works with word, notepad, outlook or any place in windows that you can enter text. If you are interested there is info on how to use texter here:

Download is here:

For Mac users I hear Text Expander is good (though I haven’t tried it myself)

One Downside to Texter is that Remote Desktop causes it to crash (Logging onto Jefferson for example). It seems each time I use remote desktop for something I need to restart Texter .

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