Friday, December 11, 2009


Free online video conferencing
The other day I was reading Lifehacker’s list of 10 Under-hyped Webapps ( ) and came across Tinychat ( ). After a couple tests I’m a fan.

What it’s good for:

Quickly creating a video conference


Easy to use.
No sign up required
No install required
IM, video and audio chat
Screen sharing
Did I mention it’s easy to use?


Not as many options as Persony or Skype
You have to create the conference each time

How to use it:

Got to
Enter a name for your conference and click on the l large green button titled: Create you room
Type in your name and press Login
Let other folks know what the URL is so they can join
(It’ll be: you named your conference)
If you want to enable your webcam or mic Click on the large blue button titled Start Broadcasting
If you want to share your screen find the gear icon above the list of people in your chatroom mouse over it and select Start desktop sharing. After running a java program a red box will appear on your desktop. Drag the box so that it is around what you’d like to share with folks and click on the Start Capture button.
When you are through with your meeting simply send your browser to a different page.

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