Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One of my new favorite websites is www.ninite.com Why you ask? It’s quite simple: this website makes it very easy to install a pack of up to date software all at once. It is free for personal use. Here is how it works:

1) You head over to www.ninite.com
2) Check the box next to each program you want to install
3) Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and click on the big green Get Installer button
4) Download and run the program they send you
5) It downloads the up to date versions of the software you selected and installs it for you

That means you can pick all the programs you want to install start the ninite installer and let it run without clicking through tons of install wizards asking you if you want this option or that toolbar (ninite does not install anything other than the programs you selected). I recently installed windows 7 on my home computer so I needed to download all new programs here is the list I used:

Firefox (Web browser)
Pidgin (Multi-Protocol IM Client, AIM, MSN, GTalk, Etc.)
Thunderbird (Email Client)
Skype (Video Chat)
iTunes (Needs no introductions…)
VLC (No frills, media player that plays just about anything)
Hulu (Desktop Client for TV streaming)
Gimp (Powerful Photo editor, most users might want Picasa instead)
OpenOffice (Free alternative to MS Office)
Adobe Reader (So I can see PDFs…)
CutePDF (PDF Printer for converting documents to PDFs)
Microsoft Security Essentials (Good free Anti -Virus)
Malwarebytes (Good free Anti-Spyware)
Flash (Useful for online content)
Flash (IE) (Useful for online content)
Java (Useful for online content)
.NET (Useful for online content)
Sliverlight (Useful for online content)
uTorrent (Lightweight Bit Torrent Client)
ImgBurn (Simple DVD\CD burner)
CCleaner (Temp File Cleaner)
7-Zip (Useful for working with .zip, .rar, and many other zip like files)
Notepad++ (Like notepad but much more powerful)

Another useful trick for a new computer: Microsoft Office Beta’s Usually Microsoft will let you download a preview version of the next Office Suite for free. You’ll have to sign up for a windows live account but then you can use Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc. for free. The current beta is available here

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